Spire Real Estate Valuation & Advisory is a professional resource for your success with real estate, whether you are buying, selling, or holding.

Located in Evansville, Indiana, Spire is headed by Steven Shockley, MAI, SRA, CCIM. Our advisors offer a total perspective on real estate, with services that include appraisal, brokerage, and advice. With Spire, you get answers that are clear, accurate, and timely.



Get clear views of valuation.

What’s it worth? The answer can take shape in a variety of ways. Your licensed Spire appraiser will explain how different valuation methods can affect you and how you use the knowledge to your advantage. More...


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How to Select An Appraiser

I make it a point with all of my new clients who call me to ask them how they found me, and then to ask them why chose me over other options.  In most cases, it seems that clients of appraisal services are going to Google and doing a search for “commercial real estate appraiser”; in some cases, clients may even add “MAI” to this search criteria.


Our company retained Steve for two appraisals - one for a refinancing on an existing business and one for a new business venture. Steve was very responsive to our needs. His extensive research provided the knowledge he needed to make impressive reports to our lenders.

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Q. How does Spire differ from the competition?

A. Spire is the only valuation firm in the region headed by an MAI and CCIM, the two pre-eminent designations in the commercial real estate profession. The staff at Spire strive for excellence, and work to listen to the needs of clients to provide the best service available. As we offer a full range of commercial real estate services, we can more effectively answer the needs of clients who have a variety of questions and needs. Firms that only do one service are limited in the service they can provide clients.


Mortgage Rates at Lowest Levels in 9 Weeks

 The continued pumping of money into the system by the Fed has one positive effect:  a dropping of the interest rates.  Read further from link to Appraisal Institute site.

Report: More Than Half of Homes Purchased in Cash

If you are looking for a silver lining in the real estate world, perhaps this is it.  Buyers paying all cash are not as affected by the increase in mortgage rates, which will be coming.  If this trend continues, expect underlying housing values to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

Report: Rising Interest Rates Threaten CRE Recovery

A recent report by the Green Street Advisors suggest continued trouble for the commercial real estate market. 

Homeownership Rate Hits 18-Year Low

In itself, this is troubling news for the single-family residential market.  Homeownership rates continue to decline, while housing values increase.  See article below from Appraisal Institute news page.

Welcome to Spire!

After much time in the planning and design, I am pleased to formally launch our new site. The intent of Spire Real Estate Valuation & Advisory is to serve all of the needs of commercial real estate clients. Whether your needs are for valuation services, brokerage, litigation support, tax appeal work or other consulting services, we believe that you have found the right firm to meet your needs.

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